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              ?Cell phone signal amplifier Installation Tips

              Come:Lintratek  date:2015-12-08

              Cell phone signal amplifier Installation Tips

                    We can see in the subway,some of KTV,bars and the other entertainment venues as well as the buildings all have installed the cell phone signal amplifier,Cell phone signal amplifier is a products designaed to solve the signal blind area. it has brought great convenience to the communication subway, bars and other personnel of these occasions. So what cell phone signal amplifier installation process is it?Let us look at the installation method of cell phone signal amplifier .
              Cell phone signal amplifier installation:

              1, the outdoor reception Antenna: strong and effective reception signal Mobile / Unicom station issued
              2, the cable head through N and F head with an outdoor antenna is connected, 8M≥ cable length ≥50M, after fixing on the roof or balcony (Hint: It is best to choose the roof, because the received signal quality is good)
              3, then check whether the signal was bring into the room(use the phone close cable, check whether the signal is full bar), if not, pls change the outdoor antenna in a fixed position, choose a better place, then next step to connect the amplifier to OUTDOOR port
              4, connected to the indoor antenna and place the indoor antenna on signal blind, then plug in the power and testing.
              5, interior: Connected adapter connection port on the amplifier INDOOR, and then connect to the indoor antenna, such as the coverage of an antenna is 80 square meters, you have more than 100 square meters, need to connect the distributor or splitter.

                    The content above is Foshan Lintratek Technology Co., Ltd. LINTRATEK phone signal booster installation method, due to the rapid development of China's mobile communications business, mobile communications users also will continue to increase, as well as cellular network  smaller and base station position is more and more low; on the other hand, with the development of urban construction, high-rise buildings continue to emerge, based on the shadow effect wireless transmission, or an intermediate layer in the back of these high-rise buildings will form a signal blind area of mobile communications.