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              Mobile phone signal weak problems, how do we solve

              Come:Lintratek  date:2015-12-08

                    mobile phone signal weak problems, how do we solve

                    Phone signal is weak, even not. This will result in the following situations.
              1. Signal is bad cause often dropped the phone,call charges increased.
              2. Bad signal will cause intermittent call, influence your normal calls.
              3. When the signal is bad cell phone transmission power increase, cell phone radiation increased is easy to hurt you.
              4.The weak signal will cause a bad battery, fever, accelerated aging, standby,standby and talk time shorten.
              5. A bad signal will cause the phone back and forth when the search network, easy to cause damage of the phone.
              6. When the phone signal is weak, the phone transmit signal exceeds more than several times of the normal value. Long conversation in this case, it is easy to cause harm to humans. Conversely, a good cell phone signal transmitter signal will be low, it will reduce the potential harm to the human body.
              7. If the elevator failure, the people trapped inside.Cell phone signal is bad, can cause people trapped inside the not timely contact with the outside world, come to the rescue.
              8. Mobile phones will play an important role in disaster rescue
              9. when the cell phone signal  just have one bar ,the radiation will increase 1000 times.

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