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              Donate blood for free, let love continue

              come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2018-08-10

              In order to promote the humanitarian spirit of helping others, promote the building of spiritual civilization and build a harmonious society. On August 8th, a blood donation public welfare activity was held in the park. Some employees of Lintratek joined the unpaid blood donation team with a happy mood and offered a love for this charity event.

              The blood donation activities are in order, through the doctor's guidance, fill out the form, measure blood pressure, test, queue and other blood drawing procedures.

              Everyone's face is filled with a warm smile. The little blood donation car is full of love. Every drop of blood reflects the selfless dedication of Lintratek technology people. Every blood donation figure has become a vivid portrayal of the national civilized city. .

              Free blood donation, let love pass, Lintratek Technology always supports the blood donation cause as always, which not only reflects the good social style of Lintratek Technology people, but also can convey the positive energy of Lintratek Technology.

              Blood donation is a kind of mutual help to save people who need blood transfusion. Appropriate blood donation will make people healthier, reduce blood viscosity and reduce disease. Blood donation is a lifetime honor, and blood donation will be respected and loved by the society. Selfless dedication, the lofty behavior of saving the wounded and dying is the general direction of the development of China's blood cause.


              Although the blood donation activity is over, we believe that positive energy will continue to pass!