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              The mobile phone signal amplifier is not good, because of these reasons.

              Come:Lintratek  date:2019-05-30

              With the rapid development of mobile communication network, network coverage is expanding. Wireless communication is based on the propagation of electromagnetic waves to establish communication links. However, due to the continuous development of various buildings and traffic roads, blocked by buildings, in some tall buildings, basements, shopping malls, restaurants, home rooms, entertainment places and many other places, wireless communication still has some weak links that can not meet the needs of customers, mobile phone signals are very weak, so that they can not. Use mobile phone normally. At present, there are mainly the following problems:


              1) Blind area: signal loss is lower than the sensitivity of mobile phone reception, resulting in poor cell phone calls;

              2) Weak area: the main reason is that the signal after loss is lower than the sensitivity of mobile phone reception, resulting in bad phone calls;

              3) Conflict zone: mainly high-rise building area wireless signals from multiple areas, and mostly unstable reflection signals on the ground and walls, resulting in frequent switching (i.e. ping-pong effect), seriously affecting the normal communication of mobile phones;

              4) Busy area: mainly in areas with large traffic, the capacity of base station is difficult to meet the communication needs, and users can not access the normal communication of mobile network.

              Cell phone signal amplifier (micro repeater, also known as cell phone signal intensifier) is specially designed to solve the above weak areas of cell phone signal. This kind of product has the characteristics of small size and flexible installation. It can cover indoor signals in depth. Practice has proved that it can provide stable and reliable signals for indoor mobile communication users and enable users to enjoy high-quality personal communication services indoors.


              Working Principle of Mobile Phone Signal Amplifier (Micro Repeater)

              1) Downlink: Outdoor Yagi antenna receives useful callable signals, which are input to the host computer and sent to indoor ceiling antenna after amplification. In this way, stable and reliable signals can be received by indoor mobile phones at any time, which is the next step.


              2) Uplink: The signals transmitted by indoor mobile phones are absorbed by the ceiling antenna and input to the host, then amplified by the host and sent to the outdoor Yagi antenna to transmit to the base station, which is upstream.

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