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              Mobile phone signal enhancer: China’s Xinke branch has joined hands with Hubei mobile to boost 5G telemedicine.

              come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2019-07-06

              From June 10 to August, it has been a difficult problem in township medical treatment how to treat the patients with mobility inconvenience in remote mountainous areas. The practice of 5G telemedicine provides a solution to this problem. On July 4, a 74-year-old knee joint patient with mobility disability in Shenlongjia Forest District successfully underwent remote knee surgery without the help of 5G telemedicine system.

              In this long-distance knee surgery, the orthopaedic specialist of Taihe Hospital in Shiyan, Hubei Province, guided the orthopaedic surgeon of Shenlongjia Forestry Hospital to perform the operation for the 74-year-old female patient through 5G technology. Shiyan Taihe Hospital is working closely with China Mobile Shiyan branch and Datang Mobile of China's Xinke branch, laying 5G signal network ahead of schedule, making full use of the "Internet +" health care new mode, using 1080P camera to HD live broadcast, and remote experts to understand the patient's location by sending back video, and the operation method. The high-definition picture quality and high-speed network provide near-zero distance environment for remote commanders and doctors in the near-end field. The operation process is efficient and smooth.

              This is the first practice of remote collaborative surgery supported by 5G communication technology in the Medical Association in Hubei Province. It will better support and serve the construction of the medical association, promote the effective utilization of high-quality medical resources, enhance the level and radius of regional medical services, and solve the problem of medical treatment for the people in remote areas. 。

              On the same day, Liu Yingzi, director of the Hubei Health and Health Commission, who came to carry out the survey of "Health Poverty Alleviation Jingchu Travel", watched the whole operation process and highly evaluated the effect of the remote operation. She pointed out that the ultra-high speed and low latency 5G wireless network technology has made it possible to improve medical conditions and share high-quality medical resources in remote areas. The medical model of "technology runs more, patients run less" has created conditions for patients to enjoy medical services nearby. She stressed that the medical system of the province should strengthen the "5G + medical" innovation. Efforts should be made to bring the radiation efficiency of high-quality medical resources into full play by means of technology and to upgrade the health level of the whole province by means of advanced medical models.

              It is understood that in June this year, China Information Technology, together with Hubei Mobile, assisted Taihe Hospital in Shiyan, Hubei Province, to complete the first 5G long-distance cooperative operation of the Medical Association in Hubei Province. At that time, experts from Taihe Hospital in Shiyan City, Hubei Province, directed doctors far away from 200 kilometers to successfully complete laparoscopic cholecystectomy. 。 As an important scenario of 5G application, Intelligent Medicine provides a direction to break through regional differences and solve the problem of imbalance of medical resources in China. China Cisco, together with Hubei Mobile, actively explores the practice of "5G + medical treatment" and strives to create gospel for patients with science and technology.

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