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              [case] cell phone signal intensifier | the signal in the shop is very poor. How to enhance the signal?

              Come:Lintratek  date:2019-12-18

              Because the mobile phone signal is based on the propagation of electromagnetic wave to establish communication, if there are buildings or dense areas, there will be weak signal areas, and even some places basically have no signal. Now I'd like to share an installation case with you. I hope that Lin Chuangke can solve the problem of blind area for more people!

              [project description]

              There is a signal outside the door of a store in a commodity building, but the signal is very weak when entering the store. When arriving in the attic, there is no service status at all. As a result, the boss sometimes misses a lot of important phone calls when resting in the attic. In order to solve the problem of signal, the boss finds a way to solve it through Baidu search, and finally it can't be used.

              Later, the boss found Lin Chuang's products. After Lin Chuang's customer service understood the customer's needs, they recommended 17l-cd, a mobile signal amplifier device, which can solve the three network call in the current environment and the 4G Internet access of China Unicom Telecom.

              [project name]

              Solve the three net communication signal in the attic of the shop

              [problems to be solved]

              Three network call signal and 4G Internet access

              [materials used]

              Host: kw17-cd

              Frequency band: 850mhz-1800mhz


              Outdoor antenna: 1 logarithmic antenna.

              Indoor antenna: 1 ceiling antenna.

              20 meters for 50-12 feeders.

              [product picture]


              [installation details]

              When installing, the antenna should be installed toward the position with good signal. In order to improve the signal, the antenna needs to be raised. We erect a 4-meter bamboo pole, lead the antenna down to the input port of the amplifier, connect the antenna, plug in the power supply, and the signal indicator light of the amplifier will be on, indicating that the signal has entered the amplifier.

              [picture of the scene]



              After installation, the experience effect is very good, the call effect is very clear, and 4G Internet access is also very smooth!

              The above is the sharing of Linchuang technology. I hope you can better understand the mobile signal amplifier and know how to choose to use it. If you have any questions, please consult us~