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              Mobile phone signal amplifier | how to install the tunnel mobile phone signal amplifier?

              Come:Lintratek  date:2020-02-25


              Tunnel mobile signal coverage mainly refers to railway tunnel, highway tunnel, subsea tunnel, subway tunnel and other major projects. As the tunnel is generally tens to hundreds of meters underground, and the length is basically thousands to tens of kilometers, so the mobile signal can't be covered in the tunnel, especially the advancement of excavation tunnel engineering. Considering the safety, it is generally necessary to The outdoor signal is introduced into the tunnel and transmitted to the tunnel through the repeater, so as to solve the problem of no signal in the tunnel.

              How to solve the problem of tunnel mobile signal? It's different from the traditional solution. Because the distance of the tunnel is very long, the transmission with coaxial cable will definitely decline. The transmission with coaxial cable can't be completed at such a long distance, so it must be transmitted with optical fiber. The signal source is transmitted to the middle of the tunnel with optical fiber, and the amplification begins. The line wants to be on both sides If the signal is attenuated to - 80dB, the repeater will be used for extension.

              As a well-known weak signal solution expert in China, Linchuang technology takes a 4-kilometer-long highway tunnel as an example to give a solution. Accessories required for the project: one host of lintratek mobile signal amplifier, one Yagi antenna, one set of base station engineering antenna. First, we choose the place with strong signal to install the fixed Yagi antenna, and then install the base station engineering antenna near the tunnel mouth, and the antenna direction is aligned with the tunnel. Finally, the signal line is used to connect the nine unit Yagi antenna to the host, and the signal line is used to connect the host to the base station antenna. If the tunnel is more than 4 kilometers, or there are many curves or curves in the tunnel, the two-way shooting method can be used.

              The above is shared by Linchuang technology, hoping to help you solve the problem of poor cell phone signal.