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              Cell phone signal enhancer | how to enhance the signal difference of rental housing?

              Come:Lintratek  date:2020-03-20

              With the continuous development of communication technology, the network coverage that today's communication technology can achieve continues to expand, many remote rural areas are gradually starting to cover network information, because the communication itself is transmitted by electromagnetic wave, it will be unable to receive effective signals due to the barrier of buildings. At present, there are still weak signal problems in many places, such as shopping malls, basements, rental houses, office buildings, etc., so people will choose to use mobile signal amplifiers to achieve the purpose of signal enhancement.


              For example, let's say that the location of the rental house is generally the village in the city, where the rental buildings are densely built, the high-rise and dense buildings will block the mobile phone signal, and the indoor 4G network is often in a weak signal state, which will seriously affect our daily life. After all, now is an era of hands-on, no network people will collapse. Recently, Linchuang technology needs to do the installation of signal coverage in a rental house. Let's explain in detail how to install the mobile signal amplifier in the rental house.

              Project background

              The customer rents a room and a hall in the village in the city. The surrounding rental houses are very dense, and the average floor height of the neighborhood is 6-8 floors. The indoor mobile 4G signal is very poor. The customer wants to solve the indoor 4G Internet signal. The domestic well-known Linchuang mobile phone signal amplifier expert customized a set of signal amplifier that can enhance the mobile 4G Internet.

              Project analysis

              After understanding, we found the following problems

              1. The customer lives on the second floor. There are two cell phone signals tested in the room. It's very slow to watch video and send messages, sometimes even without service status.

              2. Because there are rental houses around, there is a narrow lane between the buildings, so the mobile signal is poor.

              3. The house area is about 35 square meters. If a set of mobile signal amplifier of Linchuang technology is installed, the effect of mobile signal will be better.

              Materials used

              ? Linchuang mobile signal amplifier host:

              Model: kw20l-tdd-f

              Frequency band: tdd-1900mhz


              Outdoor antenna: 1 logarithmic antenna

              Indoor antenna: 1 ceiling antenna

              Feeder: 25m special feeder 1 bundle

              setup script

              1. Fix the logarithm antenna on the top of the building, and it will be better to install it towards the open position as far as possible

              2. Then directly set out the line to the balcony on the second floor and pull it into the living room

              3. Place the indoor ceiling antenna (the indoor ceiling antenna can be installed on the ceiling, depending on the actual situation)

              4. The host is fixed on the wall, and then all the power supplies are connected

              Usage effect

              Before installation, there were only two cell phones in the room, which were very unstable. After the test signal quality was installed, the cell phone 4G signal was full, and the Internet was very smooth. The customer was very satisfied with this product, and finally solved the problem of poor network.

              The above real case comes from Linchuang technology, hoping to help you solve the problem of poor cell phone signal.