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              Mobile phone signal amplifier | wonderful review | the third campaign of Linchuang came to an amazing end!

              come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2020-06-08

              Summer has come, at this hot time

              With restlessness and passion

              We get together

              Show youth and energy, burst out strong power

              To enrich the cultural life of Lin Chuang's family

              Further improve the physical quality of all colleagues

              Enhance collective cohesion

              May 28, 29, 30

              In the afternoon, the third Linchuang Games was held

              Let's stretch

              Enjoy the fun of sports

              What events are there in this sports meeting

              Follow Xiaobian's footsteps

              Let's review the scene~

              /Hot youth, hot blood court/

              Competitive games

              Badminton field

              This competition is divided into

              Men's singles, women's singles, mixed match

              The players are all in high spirits

              Take off and smash or lightly pick over the net

              In countless mediation rounds

              Show all kinds of skills

              It's full of unity and never give up

              Table tennis court

              Wonderful table tennis

              Hot development on the company's stage

              Because it's a fight

              Silver ball in the final

              The ping-pong is exciting

              A close match

              You block me, you cut me

              Competition of existing strategies and tactics

              There is also a competition between physical strength and endurance

              Everyone involved

              Enjoy the infinite happiness brought by table tennis

              Basketball court

              Lin makers running on the court

              Fierce competition and high blood

              Cheerleaders on the field

              Keep your eyes on the team

              Come on, shout, clap, clap

              Infinite vitality

              It's the power of youth

              A pattern to the opponent

              A long biography of Chen Cang

              A sprint to break through the encirclement

              A jump shot three point entry box

              After an hour and five minutes of fierce competition

              The basketball final is coming to an end

              Fun games

              Invincible wind fire wheel

              Invincible wind fire wheel

              It can be reflected by sticking newspapers

              Team spirit

              A short distance

              What's needed is total commitment

              To prove the most well-known words with action

              Unity is power

              Blind square

              A rope

              Testing the tacit ability of players

              Think of one place and gather together

              In a short time

              The team presenting the square is the victory

              This part is really interesting

              In an instant, the fun competition is pushed to the climax

              The scene was filled with laughter and joy


              At the referee's command

              The whistle of the game sounded

              Team mates hold on to the long rope

              Make every effort to fight

              There was a lot of shouting at the scene

              "One two, one two"

              Laughter and shouts come and go

              The heat of the game pushed the whole thing to the top again

              Train acceleration

              Train acceleration is also an item

              Test the team's spirit of cooperation

              Not only do we have to keep pace

              We need to have a certain average speed to win

              The short distance seems to be very long

              The slogan of "one, two, one and two" is one after another

              Everyone's heart rate is now the same frequency~

              A fierce competition was presented at the sports meeting

              All of us are doing exercises in all competitions

              Turn it into a set of wonderful moments

              Will be in our mind forever~

              The games have come to a successful end

              Select the top three in total score

              Champion won a cooling fan

              Runner up's landing fan and runner up's afternoon rest bed

              12 elite awards with 4-15 points in total

              An elite prize desktop fan

              Next happy Conference Awards~

              The third sports event

              Let everyone forget the fatigue of work for a while

              /Meet happiness in sports/

              /Meet beauty in the game/

              More profound experience of the charm of teamwork

              Thank you for your hard work

              Today's game is over

              Let's look forward to the wonderful tomorrow!