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              [happy meeting] wonderful and happy~

              come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2020-08-18

              August 8, in the warm expectation of everyone

              Linchuang technology ushered in the monthly points happy meeting

              What are the highlights of this issue

              Let's review the happy time of the scene with the camera~

              Outstanding employees of the month

              Reward is essential in Linchuang science and technology

              If you sow hard, you will surely get rich fruits

              Congratulations to the elites who won the 100 yuan award~

              The development of enterprises can not do without us

              All excellence is no accident

              Persistence and sweat make people better

              Let's work together towards the goal of August~

              Talent show

              How can the happy meeting be without talent performance

              Come on, let's sing together~

              Let's relax~

              First of all, cross border e-commerce men sang Dong Zhou's "retreat"

              Are you familiar with this group of CP

              The same group, different time, singing different songs of Jay

              It's obviously Jay powder~

              Then she sang "would you like to be sent?"

              Fage, the warehouse manager, sings "forget your heart's love"

              Work hard

              Hey, get up and start singing

              New talent show

              With the host's rhythm

              Then a wave of new talent introduced themselves

              From returning to work to now

              We are constantly expanding our business and adding new talents

              Taking advantage of the lively meeting

              Lin Chuang's new family

              Introduce yourself one after another

              Let's get to know each other~

              I hope you can be on the post

              Smooth operation and management

              For the company to add good results, come on~

              Happy draw

              With the happy meeting going on

              Everyone's enthusiasm is gradually rising

              Lucky wheel moving

              It means the raffle begins

              I don't know who the lucky one is today

              Draw a share of the prize

              Everyone is full of happy smile~

              This issue is also very rich in prizes

              Cash award, material award, holiday Award

              Accumulated a month's prize tickets

              Will you be today's lucky angel~

              The lottery tickets rolled back and forth in the lottery box

              Expectations are written on every face

              Lucky employees are born with the number plate

              Each lucky angel has won a prize of his own satisfaction

              We had a good time together~

              Home of happy meeting

              Let Lin Chuang's family get together

              Forget work, forget fatigue

              Release stress in a fun and eat environment

              The above is the main link of this happy meeting

              See you next time~