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              Mobile phone signal amplifier | is the telecommunication signal in rural areas good? Why is the base station less than the growth?

              come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2020-09-25


              Part of the remote rural areas in the mountainous areas is the most difficult to cover the communications industry, not only because of the large area, but also because the construction of rural base stations in mountainous areas is difficult.

              In order to cover the base stations in mountainous areas, many base stations need to be built at the top of the mountain. There are no roads on the top of many mountains. Many equipment and even iron towers are artificially resistant. Power lines in many places are difficult to pull in the past. In some areas, optical cables cannot be laid, and microwave transmission is needed.

              The cost of building a base station in mountainous area can be multiple base stations in the city, which is particularly difficult to maintain. But even so, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile have built a large number of base stations in mountainous areas. In this regard, although the reputation of the three operators may not be very good for many people, in fact, as a state-owned enterprise, China's operators are very good in fulfilling their social obligations.

              None of China's operators has built base stations in all mountainous areas, so they can't guarantee their own signals in all remote mountainous areas

              Base stations in mountainous areas are all in the top of the mountain, but places with large population are usually at the foot of the mountain. In winter, the signal may be better, but in summer, when trees are flourishing, it still has a great impact on the blocking of wireless signal, which makes the signal available in some places, but not in winter.

              If there are mobile, Unicom and telecom base stations in the same mountain area, the telecommunication signal may be relatively good

              The basic call network of telecommunication is CDMA, CDMA, which has certain advantages, especially in 2G era

              Compared with GSM, CDMA has the advantages of high coverage, good call quality and high communication confidentiality. Among the three operators, only Telecom has CDMA network. In terms of communication, telecommunications has a great advantage.

              All in all, none of the operators dare say their phones can connect to all the remote mountainous areas. However, if there are three base stations in the same place, the telecommunication signal will be better than the communication effect and signal.

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