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              Mobile phone signal is not good to use this method to enhance, special treatment root cause!

              Come:Lintratek  date:2020-09-25


              The poor signal of the mobile phone may be caused by the hardware of the mobile phone or the base station of the operator. According to the investigation, in most cases, it is the base station. At this time, our mobile phone card is very weak. The reason for the poor signal reception of the mobile phone is that the mobile phone card is very weak.

              The mobile phone signal is provided by the base station. Most of the reasons for the poor mobile phone signal are the signal coverage problem, and a small part may be the interference problem. Mobile phone as a terminal access to the wireless network, base station and mobile phone distance is blocked or not, all determine the quality of the mobile phone signal.

              In view of the poor signal problem of modern people's mobile phone, many people may install a mobile phone signal amplifier to solve the problem. Whether it is 4G Internet signal or call signal, the use of mobile phone signal intensifier can solve the problem of weak signal.

              Mr. Li's home is located in a rural corner of a city. The reception of mobile phone signal at home is very poor. Sometimes the signal is good indoors, and sometimes 4G can't send information. Later, Mr. Li learned from the Internet and found us. He wanted us to solve the 4G Internet signal problem for him. He had a total of two floors and wanted to install the signal amplifier on the second floor.

              We choose a set of mobile 4G internet call standard set of mobile phone signal amplifier for customers, and the required materials are as follows:

              Linchuang mobile phone signal amplifier: kw20l-tdd-f

              Coverage area: 800 square meters

              Accessories: 1 outdoor logarithmic antenna

              1 indoor ceiling antenna

              Special feeder 1 bundle

              Next, we will describe the installation steps

              1. First of all, we found an open space outside and installed the outdoor logarithmic antenna. We fixed the log antenna on the roof

              2. Then set out to the second floor, from the balcony window into the interior

              3. The indoor ceiling antenna can be installed on the ceiling, depending on the actual situation

              4. The host is fixed on the wall and connected with all the power

              Before installation, the mobile phone signal in the room has only two grids, and it is very unstable. After the installation of the test signal quality, the 4G signal of the mobile phone is full, and the Internet is very smooth. Customers are very satisfied with the product, and finally solve the problem of poor network.

              The above content is shared by Lin Chuang, hoping to help you solve the problem of poor signal on your mobile phone.