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              Apple is working on nano textured glass for iPhone / iPad

              come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2020-09-28

              According to Appleinsider, apple is working on extending its nano textured glass used on Pro display XDR to iPhone or iPad.

              Apple introduced the optional nano textured glass on the pro display XDR and then applied it to the 27 inch IMAC. Now, it seems to be planning to deploy it on portable devices, including the iPhone and iPad.


              According to the patent application entitled "antireflection treatment of textured shell components", Apple hopes to provide better protection for its own devices, so these devices include "Mobile phones, notebook computing devices (e.g., laptops), tablet computing devices (e.g., tablets), portable media players, wearable devices or other types of portable electronic devices." However, the drawings focus on devices like the iPad, while the rest of the text avoids specification, but does mention mobile phones several times.

              The IT house understands that this "textured area" consists of "the substrate surface, a set of projections extending outward from the substrate surface.". Each protrusion has a width greater than or equal to about 750 nm and less than about 10 microns, which Apple describes as a method of etching on glass. The end result is that a piece of glass with this etched texture can use the nano texture to effectively reduce reflectivity, thereby preventing light from directly acting on the user.

              However, there is a big challenge: the device may be more prone to scratching. Apple has asked for a special cleaning cloth to minimize this situation. It is not clear how it will further protect devices like the iPhone, which are usually carried in the user's pocket, so that the phone can't avoid rubbing with hard objects in the pocket, such as sand, coins, keys, etc.

              The patent application was completed by three Inventors: Joseph Poole, Matthew Rogers and matsumuki.