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              Cell phone amplifier | your call may be recorded. Where have these recordings gone? China Mobile Science Popularization

              come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2020-10-06


              When making a manual customer service call, we always hear the following sentence: in order to ensure the quality of service, your call may be recorded.

              So, where have these conversations gone? What's the point? Today, the official micro blog of China Mobile carried out science popularization.

              Originally, the main purpose of recording is to ensure the quality of service. In order to ensure the service quality of customer service, a quality inspection department is set up in the call system.

              According to the recording, the quality inspection department will check whether the customer service has used the unified standard script, whether the problem is handled timely and standardized, and judge the professionalism of customer service work.

              In order to protect the privacy and security of users, the daily quality inspection is intelligently detected by the system, that is to say, most of the call recording will not be heard by the quality control personnel again.

              However, for too long or poor evaluation calls, special quality inspection personnel will be allowed to make a second confirmation to check the service quality from the service consciousness, ability and business.

              Encounter dozens of minutes of recording, quality inspection will repeatedly listen to, it is the quality inspection constantly find fault, customer service can grow faster.